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Year 6 ParisDisney 2020


The sights from the boat trip on the River Seine











What a lovely way to spend your birthdays!

Come on Mr Cave, let somebody else have a go!!































Looks like a beautiful day at Disneyland!










Even younger Mr Hall taking an early morning Maths Lesson!








Double birthday celebrations in Paris this morning!







Arrived at the hotel. Everyone in very good spirits after the journey. Exciting day ahead tomorrow in Disneyland Paris.




















Monday 20th May 16:45pm After a safe crossing, our travellers are now enjoying the aquarium in Boulogne and will be having their tea shortly before heading to the hotel in Paris

This years Year 6 Residential Trip sets off on Monday 20th May. Follow the link below to see the final details and information letter that is being given out to parents.

Year 6 Disney Final Letter