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Year 4

Welcome from Miss McCue

We have been super excited and very busy planning lots of fun lessons for your children!

Your children should now have a reading log available to them. Below you will find some information related to how these can be used.

How to use the reading logs:

We would like the children to read to someone at home five times a week and have their reading log signed by someone at home each time they have read. If they have five signatures, they will receive a reading raffle ticket which will hopefully then be drawn out in our weekly raffle draw- to win an awesome new book!

Due to Covid-19, we are unable to have the reading logs and homework books coming in and out of school so we are asking if you could send homework or a picture of the homework, via email or class dojo to their class teachers.

Could you also inform the class teacher if the children have had five signatures in their reading log at home in order to get their raffle ticket.

Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or your class teacher for any further questions.

Miss McCue (Year leader)

Homework – Spring 1

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Year 4 World War II Day

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Homework – Autumn 2

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Half Term Homework Project

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Homework – Autumn 1

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The homework grid contains a variety of activities. You only need to pick one per week to complete, and each of them is worth a different amount of Dojo Points … the harder the activity, the more Dojo Points you could earn!

When you have completed your homework, ask you parent/carer to send a picture of your homework to your teacher on Class Dojo, or via their email address. We cannot accept paper copies coming into school at this present time.

Many thanks for your understanding – and good luck!

The Year 4 Team