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Daisy J’s Blog – Orchards Junior School

Kindly note that all after school clubs finish on Friday 12th July. There will be no further clubs until the start of the new school year in September

Daisy J’s Blog

Fishers Farm 🙂

Fishers Farm is the best place on Earth. Did you know you can go on sky fall?! And did you know we will go on a picnic?! Did you know we

can go in the splash zone?!

The best of all you get ICE



Master Chef is TOMORROWJ

and there are 2 year 6’s ,1 year 5 and 1 year 3 [the year 3 is me]J and you can do a main course and dessert or a main and starter.

The Weald and Downland is a Tudor museum where you can look at Tudor houses and buy gifts from the gift shop.

Easter Eggs

At the Orchards we have an Easter egg hunt and we have to find playing cards and if you get Ace card you win a big egg! If you find a Jack card you get a small egg and if you get a card with a number on it you get a sweet. I found the Ace!!

Buzzy Bees

When you get a Buzzy Bee award you get to go on a trip and this time we are going to see Dumbo 2 at the cinema!  You only get a buzzy bee award for a very special reason.



On world book days, you can dress up and have lots of fun.

If you are lucky, you can buy a book from the book fair at school. I have bought two books!


Master Chef is very competitive so not many people get through.

Guess what? I did!


In year 3 we get to dress up like a Greek goddess or a god or a soldier for two days.

I am going to be a goddess!


Move It is a great show and loads of people do it. We get to have fun and perform at the Pavilion theatre!

Not many people got into the 2nd round of the competition. Who knows who’s got into the 3rd round? I hope it’s me!

My top 5 teachers are:

  • Dr Jones
  • Mrs Jones
  • Mr Cave
  • Mrs Harrocks
  • Mrs Morgans- Mills

My top 4 children in year 3 are:

  • Emily – the funny one
  • Olivia- the sporty one
  • Daisy – the crazy one
  • Ava – the clever one


Name: Daisy Jones Class: 3 Olive Class Teacher: Mrs Harrocks

Best thing about the school: clubs

Favourite club:  Musical theatre

Favourite lesson: Cooking and art

Most fun trip: None yet

Biggest achievement so far: Making new friends

Orchards hero: Dr Jones