Sports Day scheduled for Friday 7th June has been cancelled due to the incoming bad weather. It has been rescheduled for Friday 5th July

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World Book Day

It’s World book day next week. On World book day…

  • You can buy books
  • You can give books as presents

I love World book day!


Our last topic was the Greeks, now we’re learning about the Tudors.


Is fun because

  • We dress up.
  • We trick or treat.
  • We play extremely fun games.
  • You get lots of sweats.

My sister and I always fight over the sweets so they end up on the floor!


Hello my name is Andrew and I’m in year 3.

Stone Age day was fun because we dressed up and watched a clip of Stone Age people.

We learnt about how they hunt.

These are a few ways they hunt:

  • with spears
  • with traps
  • with fire

Name Andrew Class: 3 Plum Class teacher: Mr Hodgkins

Best thing about the school: ICT

Favourite club: Blog Squad

Favourite lesson: Maths

Most fun trip: I haven’t been on one yet

Biggest achievement so far: Tying my tie!

Orchards hero: Mr Hodgkins