Sports Day scheduled for Friday 7th June has been cancelled due to the incoming bad weather. It has been rescheduled for Friday 5th July

Ava’s Blog

FISHERS FARM TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Year 3 we are going to FISHERS FARM to finish the END of year 3 with our teachers and have fun!!!!!!This trip includes SKYFALL and THE SPLASH ZONE!!!!

Skyfall is this big tower that has two floors you can jump off and Splash Zone is a water area where children can splash (of course) and have fun. There are lots of rides and fun stuff to do as well. You can also bring a few pounds for an………ICE CREAM 🙂

Top 10 things about Orchards is:

  1. All the teachers are really kind.
  2. They have a library and I love reading.
  3. They have 80 clubs.
  4. They have lots of clubs on the website.
  5. They do lots of competitions.
  6. Most of the children are very kind.
  7. They have lots of really fun lessons.
  8. You can achieve lots of things.
  9. You can do ICT and cooking.
  10. You can do Masterchef .

Name Ava Steel Class: 3 Olive Class Teacher: Mrs Harrocks

Best thing about the school: that we have lots of clubs

Favourite club: gymnastics

Favourite lesson: cooking and English

Most fun trip: I haven’t been on one yet.

Biggest achievement so far: That I am a Junior Governor

Orchards hero: Mr Carter because he`s funny