Kindly note that all after school clubs finish on Friday 12th July. There will be no further clubs until the start of the new school year in September

Emily’s Blog

Busy Bees!!!

Yesterday I was made a Busy Bee! If you don’t know, this is a reward that is awarded every half term and it’s for people who have worked hard or have impressed the teacher. The people in our class who have got one are Takiki, Ava, Daisy Jones ,Olivia, Jayden and ME!

Fishers Farm

At the end of the year we are going to Fishers Farm! We will go on Sky Fall, Splash Zone and more. We can bring 2 extra pounds for ……… ICE CREAM 🙂

It’s going to be so much fun!


On sports day we can choose what events we’re good at or want to try and compete against children from other classes and who they picked. There’s hurdles, long jump, 1 and 2 lap races and lots more. I’m doing the skipping race and relay. Each race is separated into boys and girls. Our parents and family can come to watch after us and afterwards we go to break and eat HOTDOGS!

Weald and Downland

Yesterday, we went to a Tudor museum. The Tudor houses were different shapes and sizes.

I learnt that people would show off by polishing the dishes, but they were made of lead and lead is poisonous so they were eating from bowls that would probably kill them. We also played with Tudor toys for little boys and girls. The toys they would have played with were stilts and skipping ropes.

Consultation Day!

Consultation day when you choose two activities, one for the morning and for the afternoon. This year’s activities are dodgeball, orienteering fit bit and lots more. In the activities your teacher meets you and your parents and your teacher gives you an “a, b or c “ for effort.


Yesterday, we watched the year 5 show of Bowie vs Blondie. There were songs called ‘Spaceman’, ‘Let’s Dance’ and and a wowing performance from the G and T dancers and singers. This amazing show had two songs from each class and at the end, there was an amazing song from everyone.

World Book Day

Next week is world book day; I’m so excited!!!! There’s an amazing book fair with books from Tom Fletcher, Julia Donaldson and other cool books. There will be nice prizes to win too.

Back to World Book Day; you have an option to dress up and there’s other wonderful activities too.

Greek days!

Greek days are when you come to school dressed up as a Greek god or goddess or a mythical creature or a citizen. Next, let’s talk about the best bit – there is going to be a theatre company coming to perform an amazing show! In addition, it will be good because we get to try (for the first time) to have Greek foods. I’m excited!

Yesterday, me and my friends Daisy and Dulcie did the Arts Festival auditions. It was very scary and we did a Mamma Mia song. It is also is a nice chance to show your talent. We get to find out on Friday if we’ve got through.


The theme for the Arts festival is…A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES…The Art festival is a talent show where you can sing, dance and express your talents in a duo, a group or a solo.

Top 6 teachers!!!
Mrs Harrocks because she is funny!
Dr Jones because he is always been there for me!
Mr Hodgkins because he is the best maths teacher!
Miss Rogers because she is the Christmas Carol teacher!
Mrs Morgans-Mills because she is a creative writer!!
Mr Carter because he is a very good sport!

Coming up at the Orchards!!!

  • Christmas Carol Concert
  • MasterChef competition has started
  • Year 3 Busy Bees trip to watch Aladdin at the panto!!
  • Year 4 World War Two day

One thing to remember is to SPARKLE!

My top 5 teachers!!!

  1. Mrs Harrocks because she is funny.
  2. Dr Jones is always there for me.
  3. Mrs Jones because she does Sparkle Blog Squad.
  4. Mr Hodgkins because he is my maths teacher.
  5. Mrs Morgans- Mills because she is great at creative writing.


Name: Emily Ellis Class: 3 Olive Class Teacher: Mrs Harrocks

Best thing about the school: There are so many clubs

Favourite club: Cooking

Favourite lesson: Science and art

Most fun trip: None yet

Biggest achievement so far: I have so many Sparkle Points!

Orchards hero: Mrs Harrocks