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Olivia’s Blog – Orchards Junior School

Kindly note that all after school clubs finish on Friday 12th July. There will be no further clubs until the start of the new school year in September

Olivia’s Blog

Sports day 🙂

A day of SPORT!

Including one and two lap, hurdles, beanbag, [I am in it], long jump, skipping, and lots more.

We will also have AMAZING hot dogs and they are a bargain as well!

The Weald and Downland centre is a museum.

You can do workshops, look round Tudor home and houses, see how they live and how children played.

I bought gifts!!!


Next Friday of 2019.

Miss Sheikh (#Yasmin) 3 Olive’s student teacher is leaving.

A reminder –  say THANK YOU!!!


Buzzy Bees are given when we have a year group assembly. One person from each class gets it each time.

I was given it this time and our reward is going to watch…

DUMBO 2!!!

World book day is 2 days this week. You can dress up as a book character like…

  • Tom Gates
  • Harry Potter and his friends
  • Or whoever your favourite character is.

Me (I am Olivia Wheeler) – I’m Hermione and Tom Gates !!!


Is a club and after all your hard work you have a competition to do.

Today it is Wednesday 27th February and we are doing it!

We are competing against 3 schools.

Wish us luck!

A Valentine’s Acrostic

Valentine’s Day

A day to love

Love and hugs

Everyone should get love

Never hurt


I believe

Nice times

Everyone come on

So have fun

In Year 3 it is soon going to be GREEK DAYS …

On these days, we get to dress up as Greek gods or goddesses or mythical creatures!

We will be tasting food to0 – It will be fabulous!!!

New year at Orchards
It is 2019 and we have lots of things on like Master Chef, Move it and lots more.

Girls Football club

Mr Osborne teaches is us every Friday on the field. I like it because there are lots of chances to go to matches and you can take your time learning how to play.

I enjoy it and you will too!!!

My top 5 tips for Year 3’s are: 

Be proud

Don’t be nervous

Be happy

Have confidence


Name: Olivia Wheeler Class: 3 Olive Class Teacher: Mrs Harrocks

Best thing about the school: The teachers

Favourite club: Girl’s football

Favourite lesson: Cooking, art and PE

Most fun trip: None yet

Biggest achievement so far: Being picked to play in the girl’s football team

Orchards hero: Mrs Harrocks