Rachel’s Blog

By Rachel Marshall
 There are lots of clubs you can apply for at Orchards. Clubs are great fun.
 All the teachers are nice which make the clubs even better.
 It doesn’t matter if you don’t get in to the club because there are lots of other opportunities to do something else.
 The clubs are amazing here!







Name: Rachel Grace April Jane Marshall. Class: 4 Larch. Class Teacher: Mrs McCue.

Best thing about the school: The teachers.

Favourite club: JRock.

Favourite lesson: Maths and ICT.

Most fun trip: Fishers Farm so far but I think soon it will be the Ski trip.

Biggest achievement so far: Finishing my Sparkle Point card last year and putting some on the front too.

Orchards hero: Mrs Williamson because she is so understanding.

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