Welcome back to the start of the new school year

Ryan’s Blog


We’ve been making and trying soups this half term.  Some were good and some weren’t so good, but still tasted alright.

My soup was one of the not so good ones but we had another try this week and it was a lot better this time.


At the Orchards we go on lots of fun trips. I am going on the Little Canada trip for 3 nights next year and the ski trip in Italy in 2020!!!  I’ve been to the Weald and Downlands museum and Fishers Farm trip when I was in Year 3. I like trips because they are exciting. My favourite trip so far was Fishers Farm because we went on lots of rides.


Name: Ryan Young Class: 4 Larch Class Teacher: Mrs Mcue

Best thing about the school: Sports

Favourite club: Football

Favourite lesson: Maths

Most fun trip: Fishers Farm

Biggest achievement so far: Handwriting

Orchards hero: Dr Jones