Welcome back to the start of the new school year

James’s Blog

The highwayman by James

In English we are learning about The Highwayman poem and we have watched the Highway Rat, written what we liked and disliked and we have drawn pictures of what we thought about that scene.

Sports day

At sports day we do what we chose beforehand and we have a choice of hurdles, long jump, sprint, beanbag, 1 lap, 3lap, throwing, skipping and relay.

Year 5 residential

In year 5 we are going to Mill Rythe for our residential. At Mill Rythe we will be doing outdoor activities and much more. I am looking forward to all the water activities the most. We are going for 4 days and 3 nights.


Yesterday Nesta and I were given our gum shields by Dr Jones in rugby club!


Yesterday we had someone come in to speak to us about the Titanic. He had been to see the Titanic in 2005.






Parent Consultation Day

At PARENT CONSULTATION DAY, we do sport all day and if you are called then your parents are talking to your teacher and you have to go and join in.

There are lots of activities for us on that day.


Space Days


Last Friday and Thursday in year 5 we had Space days and on Thursday we tried Space food.

These are the Space foods we tried.

On the Friday we went to the South Downs Planetarium and it was fun!





Golden time is a great reward in Year 5. In golden time, you can do what you want outside but you have to do all your homework to earn it. Genius hour is the same but you can go on the IPads inside.




In Cubs last night we had visit from a community support officer and I got try on what they were wearing! I also got my fingerprint on a bookmark. It was great fun!








In year 5 and 6 you can do Ruby club and soon we have a match against West Park!








David Bowie and Blondie

In year 5 we are learning about DAVID BOWIE and BLONDIE. We will be doing a show about them and all the classes are doing 2 songs – one by DAVID BOWIE and the other one by BLONDIE.

Year 5 carol concert
In year 5 we have been practising for the Christmas carol concert and it is very fun and funny! We are learning our positons for the songs and acting and it is fun because we sometimes miss lessons to do rehearsals. If you’re lucky you get a solo, duo and trio. I have got a duo with Megan in “You’re Mean One Mr Grinch”.

Top 3 clubs in the school:

1) Rugby club because we do contact but first we did tag rugby.

2)Cookery club because you get to take the food home with you.

3) Sparkle blog squad because you get to write blogs like this one about school.


1)Dr Jones because he does ruby club and it’s really fun.

2)Miss Chilvers because she is really nice.

3) Mrs Kingsbury because she does cookery with us and takes us through it one step at a time.


Name: James Standing

Class: 5 Ash

Class Teacher:  Mrs. Kingsbury

Best thing about the school: Maths

Favourite club: Ruby

Favourite lesson: Cookery

Most fun trip: Butser Farm

Biggest achievement so far: Coming second in a class competition

Orchards Hero: Dr Jones