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Year 5 show 

In year 5, on the 6th March, we are doing a show with 12 songs. It starts at 6:30pm. I am performing three songs: Blondie ‘The Tide is High’, by David Bowie, ‘Under Pressure’ and for the finale by David Bowie ‘Heroes’. If David Bowie was still alive, he would be so proud and I bet in heaven he still is and he will be floating around us as his ghost/spirt self.








In year 5 we will be learning about the Titanic soon. Did you know that 1,500 people were on the ship and one person said “Sir, I have lived with my husband for many years and I want to die with him to!”? After she said that, she ran to her husband as the ship was sinking and hugged him as he and herself died along with lots of other souls that awful night. A famous millionaire died that night too; he was called John Jacob Astor IV.









In Arts festival my bfflam Meg (best friend forever life and more) and I got through the auditions! We have had one whole hour to practice a 1-minute dance. We are doing FOOTLOOSE and our mentor is Mr Chilvers; he will help us improve our dance and he might change our costume. We need a broom and slippers each and when it says kick off your Sunday shoes, we kick of our slippers! It is funny!

These are two previous years’ entrants.
















Arts Festival


These are pictures of last year’s acts. The winner was my friend Phoebe and there was a surprise visit from Princess Belle as well!












This year I think I might get in with my friend Meg Mcnamara. We performed Footloose – it was fun and nerve wracking!

I think we will get in but I don’t know?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!



Origami Day

On the 23rd January we are doing a day with D.T/ origami. I am with Miss Larney for the day because some teachers are at Move It and some are at JRock like Mrs Draper and Miss McCue. For Move It, some of the teachers are Mr Burnham, Miss Martin and Miss Rogers. So back to origami! On January 22nd at 5pm, I was practicing origami. I made a boat! I made a tiny one and a big one. The tiny one was about 2cm wide and 3cm tall and the big one was about 40cm wide and 50cm tall. Then I made 7 more – they were all about 5cm wide and 4cm tall. I’m really looking forward to the day!










In year 5 we are having a Blondie and David Bowie day. When? They will be on the 7th and 8th of February. I am going to be Blondie and we are going to be watching Labyrinth (rated “U”) starring David Bowie. We are also performing a show wearing our costumes from the activity days.


Year 5 show
In year 5 we are learning about David Bowie and Blondie. The whole year group is putting on a show and the songs I am doing are “Under Pressure” by David Bowie, “Tide is High” by Blondie and “Heroes” by David Bowie.

Did you know?
David Bowie was the first man to wear make-up on stage!




In English we are learning about Robin Hood. We had to make a Robin Hood project in two weeks. I made a picture of Robin Hood, Maid Marion and their kids.
At the end of the year (In May) we will go to Mill Rythe as a residential. We are going for three nights and we are doing lots of activities. There are six teachers, two teaching assistants and five classes in year 5.

Things you don’t do in school
1. Never fight or play fight
2. Never ignore a teacher
3. Don’t run in school but you can on the playground.
4. Don’t rip up books from the library!!!!!!!
5. Do not disobey the teacher
6. Don’t bring food or water in to the ICT suite
7. Never shout at the teachers
8. Don’t be mean
9. Never bring in money unlease it is for sponsorship or charity
10. Don’t eat sweets in school
If you remember these things you can SPARKLE!

Name: Mia Murray.

Class: 5 Rowan.

Class Teacher: Mrs Henley/Mrs Draper.

Best thing about the school: To have so many friends.

Favourite club: Cookery, Comic Book Club and Book Club.

Favourite lessons: Art, Cooking, I.C.T and English.

Most fun trip: Buster Farm.

Biggest achievement so far: Having so many friends.

Orchards hero: Dr. Jones because in the first assembly he picked me and we have been friends ever since.

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