Welcome back to the start of the new school year

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More Radio Battle of The Schools

On Thursday 12th June, I was picked out of the whole of year 6 to take part in the More Radio Battle of the Schools quiz. On Monday 17th June we then recorded it over the phone to Nick and Izzy. It will  be put on the radio on Thursday 20th June between 8:00 and 8:20am.  As well as me, 3 other children from each year group were chosen: Takiki in year 3, Owen in year 4 and Teddy in year 5.

Our Class Assembly

Tomorrow we are performing our class assembly to the rest of the school and our parents on Friday. Our class assembly is ‘Years through the Orchards the musical.’  Our whole class is part of this and everyone who wants to, has been given a speaking part. Macey, Sofia, Tamsin and I are a singing group.

Tie dye

In year 6, we are doing tie dye in art and DT. During this process, we can bring in any white material, whether it’s a baby grow or a white t-shirt, to tie dye. We have also been doing dip dye and we can bring in any materials for that also. I’m bringing in a baby grow and some white shorts; I’m going to dye them pink purple and blue.

Peter Pan-summer production

This year`s summer production is Peter Pan. The show will be on the 17th and 18th of July 2019. 

Every Wednesday we have an all cast rehearsal. Monday and Thursday are usually for main parts and these will continue until the show. Closer to the show, we will have extra rehearsals on Saturdays and sometimes we will extend the week rehearsals from 3:45 till 4:00.


At the Orchards every year, we do a summer production and this year’s theme is … PETER PAN. Peter is being played by Eva Morgans-Mills, Tinkerbell is Sofia Oliveros , Wendy is Macey Roberts and I am Tiger-Lily.

In previous years, we have performed Bugsy Malone, Oliver, Aladdin and many more.

Year 6 parent’s consultation day

Today is our parent’s consultation day. This is a day where we do sports all day and our parents come in and have a little talk with our teacher. Our teacher talks to our parents about how much effort we’re putting in to our work and how well we’re doing in all our classes. So our English and maths teachers also write a report on how well we’re doing.

Victorian Days

14th -15th February

In year 6, we have been learning about the Victorians and as part of our topic, we are going to dress up. On those days, we act in role as Victorians and if are naughty we will be caned by our class teacher (Miss Cay) if we have permission!



Today 15 people from each year 6 class are going to the Science Museum in London. These people were picked to go on the trip for showing interest in science and for participating well in maths.









Move it

Move it is an annual show that we do each academic year, where we perform different acts. We showcase everything we have been choreographing in certain clubs. The clubs that are in Move It are: Musical Theatre, JROCK, Years 3-6 gymnastics, years 3-6 dance, boys dance, years 3-6 curriculum. Performing is quite scary until you do your first act then you just want to do it over and over again!








Athletics tournament FINALS

Tomorrow (10.1.19) a group of year 5and 6 children are competing in an athletics tournament at Worthing leisure centre.
I am competing in the event ‘standing triple jump’ and my friend (who also has a blog) Sofia Oliveros is competing in three events – speed bounce, 2+2 and obstacle relay. The schools we are competing against include Chesswood School and many more.

On Thursday 6th of December years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are performing to Mr Hall (Deputy Head) on the stage in the hall in our costumes. I am really excited about the show and I bet everyone who is watching it is excited to. Thank you to Miss Cay for helping us to make our show and for being a great teacher.

Our shows

In the Orchards we do a Christmas concert and a summer production. This year we are performing Christmas carols and taking part in the JRock dance competition. This year’s theme for year 6 carol concert is …

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens

I am in this show and I am Bob Cratchit!

Preston Manor

On Thursday 22nd November 6 Spruce went to Preston Manor and did some work as they would do in the Victorian times. At the end we came out of character and got to have lunch. On the way home my friend Erin kept poking me while I was asleep.

This is me dressed as a poor Victorian child.












In year 6 we have lots fun lessons including:
ICT – we have been looking at muted ads and adding our own music mix to them with Mr P.
In English and maths we are in our own sets.
In class, we mostly have fun in history, science and art when we’re doing experiments or drawing. When we’re doing work in our learning journal, we have to present it beautifully.

This year’s MasterChef winner is……………..
Katie is a talented cook. She was given the opportunity to perform in MasterChef and deservingly won.
Elliott, Katie, Alana and Millie all performed brilliantly in the finals.
Judges: Kenny Tutt, Mr P, Dr Jones.

Year 6

Hello my name is Aeryn and I am part of the Sparkle Blog Squad.

I will be telling you about all the cool clubs and trips in year 6.


In year 6 you get a variety of clubs with not just the year 6 staff

Miss Dodson and Mrs McCarthy run charity club. Mr Burnham and Miss Martin run cooking club.

Mrs Jones(our fabulous trip organiser) has provided a variety of fun trips for us in year 6.We have been to Drusillas so far but we get to go to DISNEY, Preston Manor, Littlehampton rivers and more.






Name: Aeryn Robertson Class: 6 Spruce Class Teacher: Ms Cay

Best thing about the school: All the teachers, trips and making friends

Favourite club: Sparkle Blog Squad  and netball

Favourite lesson: Cooking

Most fun trip: DISNEY!!

Biggest achievement so far: Being made a Grasp Guru in Year 5

Orchards hero: Ms Poole because she is a good leader and doesn’t give up