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Arts festival 

The Arts festival is a talent show where children from the school can perform poetry, dance, singing, comedy or acting. If you get through the auditions, (which will be on 29th January and judged by Mr Osborne, Mrs Harrocks and Mrs Morgans-Mills), you will be put with a teacher who will be your mentor. Your mentor will practice with you and make your act even better before the big night! Every year there is a different theme, such as last year’s theme which was Disney. This year our theme is…


It will be hosted by two lovely girls including Phoebe Brookman, winner of last year’s arts festival, and Sofia Oliveros, her best friend/ chosen co-presenter!


We hope we see lots of people at the auditions!

Move It!
Move it is a performance shown at the Pavilion Theatre in Worthing. We are very excited because it is coming up on Wednesday 23rd January – 2 weeks from now! The clubs that will be performing in the show will be:
• Year 3&4 dance
• Year 5&6 dance
• Year 3 gym
• Year 4 gym
• Year 5 gym
• Year 6 gym
• Musical theatre
• Boys dance
• J-rock

And other routines such as:

• G&T dance
• G&T gym
• Year 3 curriculum
• Year 4 curriculum
• Year 5 curriculum
• Year 6 curriculum

We have been very successful over the past years we have performed it. The Saturday rehearsal will take place on 19th January 9:00-13:00.


Preston Manor is a trip in year 6 where you can role-play/ dress up as a Victorian child. It is on the 3rd week of November, but classes go on different days.
When you get there the ‘head housemaid’ and ‘butler’ welcome you in and explain the jobs you will be applying for, which are:
The Footman, the House maid, the Kitchen maid and the Oddman.
Preston Manor is only the first time you get to dress up as a Victorian child. There are also two Victorian school days in February.
Here is a fun picture to prove it is enjoyable! 

The Orchards Open Evening!

The open evening will be held on 29th November. There will be lots of jobs to help out with around the school, such as:

  • If you are a dance or sports leader, you will be doing an activity;
  • Junior Governors will be showing parents around, answering all their questions about our school;
  • Musical theatre club will be performing their piece;
  • We also will have more children in their classes helping out.

You may even get asked to do a job by your class teacher!







MOVE IT 2019!

One of the highlights of the year is Move it which will be performed at the Pavilion Theatre on 23rd January 2019.

This year the clubs performing will include:

  • Musical Theatre
  • Year 3 4 5 & 6 gym
  • Year 3 & 4 dance
  • Year 5 & 6 dance

You need to get your reply slips in now otherwise you may not get a place in the program as they were due in before half-term.

Name: Holly Jones Class: 6 Spruce Class Teacher: Ms Cay
Best thing about the school: The trips and the opportunities that we have at the school.
Favourite club: I have two favourite clubs; Musical theatre and Blog Squad.
Favourite lesson: Maths
Most fun trip: Disney land Paris.
Biggest achievement so far: Becoming a Dance Leader.
Orchards hero: Ms Rogers inspires me because she is very good at dancing and she can teach people a lot about dance.

Drusillas is the first trip of the year. You can enjoy all the extraordinary animals, the gift shops and rides too! My favourite animals were the squirrel monkey as you can see below, (not the orange one!) and the silvery marmoset which is not shown below. The gifts shops sell lots of different slimes that are good value and tons of different flavours of millions too! Here are some cool photos:

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