Welcome back to the start of the new school year

Sofia’s Blog

My last blog

This week it’s Year 6’s last ever blog.

We don’t want to leave this lovely school as we have had many memories, been on lots of trips and had lots of opportunities.

We will have a leavers BBQ, disco, a leavers assembly, hoodies and yearbooks. We will miss all of the teachers and staff that have helped us.

It will be very emotional and I know many people who will cry.

Goodbye Orchards

We will miss you

🙂 🙂 🙂


In year 6 we are going to Disneyland in Paris and we will stay there for 3 days. We will get to: Ride the rollercoasters, get McDonalds (we chose what we wanted), go to an aquarium and see the Eiffel Tower. We were allowed to choose if we wanted to go on the fast rides, slow rides or medium rides. We also chose who we wanted to stay with. We will get there on a coach and also a ferry.

If you are not going to Disneyland then you will still come to school as normal but you will have activity days. You will be doing: Team activities, sports, computer quizzes and you will have a Reptile visit!

Either way, you will definitely have fun!

Red Nose Day

On Friday 15th it will be Red Nose Day. You may wear anything you want but you have to wear at least 1 thing red. You have to bring in £1 and half the money will go to Comic Relief and half will go to a charity for the homeless.









On the 27th of November, Years 5 & 6 will be competing at Indoor Athletics. It is going to be located at St Andrews High School for Boys from 3:30 – 5:15pm. We will be practicing a lot with Mr Osborne and Mr Hall and we will need to be in full P.E kit As well as remembering to bring extra water. Many different sports will take place on the day.

Name: Sofia Oliveros Class: 6 Spruce Class Teacher: Ms Cay

Best thing about the school: The best thing about the school to me are the clubs because you get to meet new people and do new things.

Favourite club: My favourite club is 5 and 6 Dance

Favourite lesson: My favourite lesson is art

Most fun trip:  My favourite trip will be Disneyland Paris trip

Biggest achievement so far: Winning 3 gold medals on sports day in year 3 and becoming a Dance Leader

Orchards hero: Miss Rogers because I like dancing, she likes dancing she is also amazing at dancing she has a lovely smile and is always smiling.