All before and after school clubs will finish on Friday 29th March and recommence during the week beginning 29th April. New clubs lists will be given out to the children shortly

Imogen’s Blog

Friday 5th April 2019!

On Friday 5th April (First day of the Easter holidays) you can come back to school to do gym and dance or do sports. I am doing dance and gym. It costs £10.00 to do the things. You can do gym and dance with a teacher in the hall. The time is 9:00-3pm. This a whole day of sports. I am looking forward to it because I have not done this before so I am really excited. This is going to be so fun. I can not wait.

Arts Festival!

On Saturday the people in the arts festival will be coming to school at 9:30am because they are going to do a run through of the arts festival. The people who are opening the Arts Festival can leave at 10:15 at the earliest and if you are doing another act or an act you have to stay until the end. The show on Thursday 28th March 2019. If you are coming I hope you enjoy our show. Musical theatre are opening it with two songs from ……………… watch to find out.

Year 5 Parent Consultation Day!

On parent consultation day in year 5 you get to choose what thing you want to do in the morning and afternoon. If you have chosen the morning thing you cannot do it in the afternoon. There are a certain amount of people allowed in the activity you are doing. The choices are basketball, orienteering, dodgeball, Fitbit challenge and tri golf. I picked trigolf in the morning and Fitbit challenge in the afternoon. Year 5 parent consultation day is on Thursday 14th March 2019. If your parent meeting time is in school someone will come to get you to speak to your teacher and parents.

Year 5 Show!

On the 6th March, year 5 are performing a show to year 5 parents. There will be 12 songs including G and T and Heroes. Heroes is a bit different to the other songs because all the classes will be singing it. This song will be at the end of the show to close it up. G and T will be singing Life on Mars – it is also different because there were auditions for the song so only a few children were put into it. I will be singing Call me by Blondie with my class and Space Oddity by David Bowie. I will also be singing Heroes with the rest of year 5. You have to have your costume in by the 5th, which was yesterday. I hope the people who come enjoy the show. Year 5 have practiced really hard to make this. It was been really fun to make the actions for the songs. The actions has been really hard to make. I hope you are coming.

Musical Theatre!

In Musical Theatre we are doing mini auditions to open the Arts Festival. Only people who are in Musical Theatre can audition. I am auditioning and the song I will sing is IF ONLY YOU WOULD LISTEN!

If you are in the Arts Festival, your parents, you parents can come and watch the performance on the night.  If you are in Musical Theatre and you would like to audition, you can this Friday in the club.


Tri Golf!
In P.E we tried tri golf – it was fun! My team and I won two games and the games were hitting the cones with a foam ball and a putter and the first team to hit all the cones won. We played until three teams had cleared all their cones.
What you need to play?
You need one putter, one foam ball and eight cones.
How do you set up?
To set up you need two cones in front of you and your team. You also need six cones set up in front of your team.
How do you play?
First you put the putter next to your cone and try and hit the first cone. Take turns until you hit the first cone. If you hit it, go and collect it and put it with your other cones. Keep on going until you have cleared your cones. First team to clear all their cones wins. Play until three teams have cleared their cones.
How many people are in each team and how many teams are there?
There can be three people in each team. There could be four teams or more.


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