A warm welcome back to everyone. We hope you have all had a good break and we look forward to an exciting and rewarding 2020

Who’s Who

Staff List

Dr P Jones Ed.B M.A. B.Ed

Deputy Headteachers
Mr S Hall
Mrs F McCarthy

Year 3 Teachers
3 Clementine Mrs D Harrocks – Year Leader
3 Damson Mrs G Stirling
3 Fig Mr R Hodgkins
3 Mango Mrs S Williamson
3 Pear Mr S Mathew

Year 4 Teachers
4 Apple Miss O Southernwood
4 Apricot Mrs A Morgans-Mills
4 Olive Mr O Cave
4 Peach Mr S Hall and Mrs L Charlton
4 Plum Miss B McCue – Year Leader

Year 5 Teachers
5 Cherry Mr J Burnham – Year Leader
5 Larch Mr T Hall
5 Maple Miss K Martin
5 Poplar Mrs L Kingsbury
5 Willow Miss K Larney

Year 6 Teachers
6 Ash Mrs G Jones and Mrs C Nicholls
6 Birch Mrs B Allcock
6 Holly Mrs F McCarthy and Mrs J Dodson
6 Pine Mrs N Hall – Year Leader
6 Rowan Mr L Osborne

E-Learning Leader
Mr J Parkinson

PPA Cover

Ms E Draper
Miss D Henley
Mrs C Salisbury

Physical Education
Mr G Christie
Ms G Poole

Miss L Somes – PE Assistant

Special Educational Needs
Ms H McKenna – Learning Leader
Mrs L McKernan

Special Support Centre
Mrs E Bellamy – Leader
Mrs E Lehane

Student Teacher

Mr R Quirke

Learning Support
Mrs A Beaney
Mrs J Bird
Mr L Carter
Miss A Chilvers
Mrs J Clarke
Mr S Cook

Mrs A Harding
Mrs K Hunt
Miss K Keating
Mrs J Roberts
Mrs K Stemp

Mrs G Strudwick

Mrs J Teeder
Mrs K Ward

Mr R Young

SSC Support
Mrs S Dunford-Travers

Mrs L Jackson

Ms S Peacock

Mrs T Carter – Pupil Data and SEN Admin Support
Mr I Chilvers – School Business Manager
Miss E Gurney – Reception and First Aid
Mrs J Hagues – Reception and First Aid
Mrs M Lobb – Finance Assistant

Mrs J Clarke

Premises Officer
Mr M Gurney

Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs P Garepo