Kindly note that all after school clubs finish on Friday 12th July. There will be no further clubs until the start of the new school year in September

Who’s Who

Staff List

Dr P Jones Ed.B M.A. B.Ed

Deputy Headteachers
Mr S Hall
Mrs F McCarthy

Year 3 Teachers
3 Apple Mrs A Morgans-Mill
3 Apricot Mrs S Williamson
3 Olive Mrs D Harrocks – Year Leader
3 Peach Miss G Rogers
3 Plum Mr R Hodgkins

Year 4 Teachers
4 Cherry Miss O Southernwood
4 Larch Miss B McCue – Year Leader
4 Maple Mr O Cave
4 Poplar Mr S Hall and Mrs L Charlton
4 Willow Miss K Chana and Mrs C Salisbury

Year 5 Teachers
5 Ash Mrs L Kingsbury
5 Birch Mr T Hall
5 Holly Mr J Burnham – Year Leader
5 Pine Miss K Martin
5 Rowan Miss E Draper and Miss D Henley

Year 6 Teachers
6 Beech Mrs G Jones and Mrs C Nicholls
6 Fir Mrs B Allcock
6 Lime Mrs F McCarthy and Mrs J Dodson
6 Plane Mr L Osborne
6 Spruce Miss N Cay – Year Leader

E-Learning Leader
Mr J Parkinson

Physical Education
Mr G Christie
Ms G Poole

Special Educational Needs
Ms H McKenna – Learning Leader
Mrs L McKernan

Special Support Centre
Mrs E Bellamy – Leader
Mrs E Lehane

Learning Support
Mrs A Beaney
Mrs J Bird
Mr L Carter
Miss A Chilvers
Mrs J Clarke
Mr S Cook
Ms G Grennan
Mrs K Hunt
Miss K Keating
Mr R Quirke
Mrs J Roberts
Mrs K Stemp
Mrs J Teeder
Mrs K Ward

SSC Support
Mrs S Dunford-Travers
Miss A Harding
Mrs M Sullivan

Mrs T Carter – HLTA and SEN Admin Support
Mr I Chilvers – School Business Manager
Miss E Gurney – Reception and First Aid
Mrs J Hagues – Reception and First Aid
Mrs M Lobb – Finance Assistant

Mrs J Savidge

Mrs J Clarke

Premises Officer
Mr M Gurney

Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs P Garepo

Contact Us

Sparkle Multi-Academy Trust
Orchards Junior School
Nelson Road,
Goring-by-Sea, Worthing,
West Sussex. BN12 6EN

Tel: 01903 520202