Welcome back to the start of the new school year

Daisy D’s Blog

Year 3 Assembly

In year 3 each class does an assembly. All of year 3 are going to be singing Yellow Bumble Bee (year 3 song). Olive, my class, is doing our assembly about a show called Take Me Out but instead we are doing… Tudor Take Me Out!!! Daisy Jones is Ermintrude the Great with ready made sons!! Takiki is Catherine Parr so King Henry VIII (Emily) picks her. I’m Henrietta the horse! Ava is a woman who is thinks too much about herself and is called Ann with an E!

3 Peach are doing Goldilocks and the 3 bears but instead it’s… Blondielocks and the 3 Joshuas! 3 Plum are doing the human body, 3 Apricot are doing renewable energy, and 3 Apple are doing British Values. Last but not least are 3 Olive which you already know about.

5 BEST things about Orchards!

  1. All the teachers are really friendly. 🙂
  2. All the topics are really cool!
  3. We have amazing school trips, such as… Fishers Farm, Weald and Downland museum and the Matilda show in London! (We haven’t been to Fishers Farm yet though!)
  4. In P.E. all year we have great sports to learn.
  5. We have a long time to have break. J