Welcome back to the start of the new school year

Dulcie’s Blog


  1. They have the most amazing teachers in the world 🙂
  2. They have so many fun lessons 🙂
  3. There are amazingly creative rooms like the ICT suite 🙂
  4. Here in the Orchards junior school there are lots of fun trip of every year 🙂
  5. And they have so many cool events at sports day 🙂

Fisher’s farm!!!

The Orchards Junior School is doing a really fun trip for the year 3 to Fisher’s farm!  It’s so exiting for the year 3’s. If your parents agree, you can go on the Sky fall which is a ledge that you jump off of onto a comfy air-filled mat which you land on. If you don’t won’t to do it, you don’t have to and there’s lots of exiting things to do as well like looking at the cute animals!