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Takiki’s Blog

My class assembly!!!!!!!

The classes in year 3 are putting on an assembly for our parents.

Our class is doing a Tudor theme and I’m playing the part of…

Catherine Parr (I put “Yes likey” in Tudor Take Me Out). I have to marry King Henry the VII (Emily). Daisy Doe has to wear a horse head (she put “No likey”). Daisy Jones is playing Ermintrude (“the Great” as Daisy calls it). She put “Likey”. Ava is Anne with an e (and she put “No likey”). Charlotte is a lady (she put “No likey” too).


Today, is my second Peter Pan rehearsal. I’m playing the part of Michael. Yesterday I had my first rehearsal –  it was with Wendy, John, Mr.Darling and Mrs.Darling.  Today it is all cast and we will sing lots of songs. It is very fun and amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!