Welcome back to the start of the new school year

Amelie’s Blog

Orchards Junior School

In Orchards Junior School, I have had so many opportunities like Move It, j-rock, gym comps, clubs, legacy games, sports day and lot’s more. I get to go swimming in year and these are some other things I do at the Orchards:


In year 3, I got a Busy Bee award.

In year for I got a Fab 4.

In addition, I’m still waiting for a Fantastic Five which I think I might get there!            


In year three, I went on an award trip to a pantomime: it was Snow White and my friend Milena performed in it.

In year four I went to little Canada in the Isle of Wight. It was a very long journey – I went on a coach a boat a train and a coach again.

In year five, I went to a science trip. I had so much fun because there was a science park there and you got to play with this big static ball.


Sleepover DISASTER with Milena

It all started making brownies [which were delicious], then we thought it was a good idea to make a science experiment with my science box. We went to go and make an exploding volcano so we started but it failed. I said, “Shall we mix all the science powders and food colourings together?”

Milena went to open the red food colouring and the lid was stuck so she pulled even harder on the lid and it came flying off! All the red food colouring went everywhere on my white cream wall but amazingly it was stainless so we were able to get it off!

I went to open the green and it didn’t go everywhere so we mixed everything together but it just tuned into a brown mushy disaster.


Summer 2019

This summer I might go to Portugal with my mum, dad and brother.

I might also be going camping with Milena. My family and I are going to Butlins with all my family including my Nan, cousins, Auntie, Uncle and Grandad. We are all going for my cousin’s birthday.

I am really excited to go to Butlins because I have not seen everyone going for ages because they all live in Selsey.