Kindly note that all after school clubs finish on Friday 12th July. There will be no further clubs until the start of the new school year in September

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Beat the street is a game that you play by walking, running and more! You have a fob that you can scan against beat boxes on lampposts. Scan one to start your journey then scan some more to get points!

You also get a card for your mum or dad!

Register online now!

Sports day

After half term year five will be competing in a sports tournament!! I’m doing been bag race and throwing!!

Somehow Mia has the same sport activities as me!!

Parents can come to see their child at 12:00.

PS: There will be hot dogs.

Mill Rythe 

On the 14th of May, some children will be going on a residential and guess what I’m going!

Some activities are: Kayaking, climbing, swimming and, DISCO!!!

Mill Rythe is so luxurious: the cabins are like houses!