Welcome back to the start of the new school year

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Next Wednesday, its transfer day for the school and for year 6s, it is our last year at school

🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

It’ll be sad when we leave the Orchards as we have made good friends on the trail since we stepped in to the gate of the orchards junior school four years ago.

In the leavers assembly it’ll be very hard not to the cry…well we can say everyone will be crying, especially the teachers

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Robyn Garner



Today we are going on our rivers trip but sadly, it’s raining. Hopefully we might still be able to eat our lunch at the river and not back at school in our classroom. I’m having sausage and chips and so is my best friend (Holly). The other options are fish cake or chicken nuggets. Most people chose chicken nuggets and a free Mr Whippy so hopefully we have fun!!!!!!!!!!

The SATs

In YR 6 the SATs are coming round the corner. Most people are scared and worried about them, but some aren’t. Luckily, after we finish a test, we get to play on the field (golden time). At the moment we’re doing practice SATs tests: some are easy and some are hard. Most people struggle on the reading test and some of the spelling words which are words that we don’t usually hear. I think the grammar is so easy! The SATs are important for the school’s reputation so people can see how the children are doing in school. They will also be used to decide which set we will be in at high school.