Our Open Evening for prospective parents will be on Thursday 28th November 2019. The evening starts at 5:30pm with a presentation from the head teacher, Dr Jones, at 6:00pm. All are welcome to take a look around our school and take part in some fun activities.

Imogen’s Blog

About Me, Imogen Linscer!

Hi, my name is Imogen Linscer and I am in Year 6. My favourite subjects are maths and cookery. I have already got one badge in Year 6 and it is called Year 6 Superstar. I love to go on school trips with my friends. I love my friends and family. I like to go to school as it is one of my most favourite things to do. I love to do my homework. I do gymnastics outside of school and inside of school. I attend three clubs at school called……………. 1. Girls Futsel 2. Sparkle Blog Squad 3. Year 6 gymnastics I have two siblings: one who goes this school and one who goes to nursery. I am the oldest out of three. I love to play outside, especially with my siblings. I am ten years old and I am eleven in May. I love to read books at home and at school. My teachers are Mrs Jones and Mrs Nicholls. My TA is Mr Young. The teachers in year 6 are really kind and helpful. I love to study animals as they are really cute. My favourite animal are meerkats because they are super cute they love to dig. My dream pet is a hamster because they are so furry; my siblings and I are dreaming of having one and we would call it Fluffy. My least favourite animals is a hippo. I have no pets. My favourite foods are burgers, cheesy chips and baked beans. My least favourite food is chilli. My favourite dessert is chocolate sundae. I am in 6 ASH!

Drusillas! On Friday 27th September I went to Drusillas with Year 6. We got to look at all the super cute animals. One of my favourite animal is a Fennec Fox because you are so cute and look very fluffy. I also like a squirrel monkey because they are very cheeky like me. One of the squirrel monkeys kept running through the tunnels like mad, when I put my finger up it chased my finger. They are very hyper, they act like they have had a sugar rush. They were crazy. As soon as the got there we had to go to the discovery centre. Guess what ????? We got to touch a snake named Tango it was all squishy and you could feel its scales. I also touched a hedgehog and its face when it curled up into a ball was cute. We got the opportunity to go on all the rides, I did all the rides except Hello Kitty’s tea cups. There was a new ride it was a merry go around animal version. I enjoyed it so much. We had the chance to go to the gift shop and spend our money. I bought…… 1. An owl key ring. 2. Two badges with animals on. 3. Four chocolate bars (but I shared them). I loved Drusillas as I got to spend time with my friends and teachers. Drusillas was the best school trip ever. When we were going around we were allowed to participate in the zoolymipics as we were going around. There were so many animals to see. I had so much fun. I enjoyed it is much.

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