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Curriculum Related Ideas

If any of the following activities require the use of social media, they will need to be supervised by an adult.

The Walters Art Museum

Check out these online resources to keep you busy!

My Mini Maths!

All resources are proving free help with Key Stage 2 maths across all four year groups.

Make a Miniature Book

Follow these instructions to make your very own miniature book!

Bright Hub Education

This website has links to some resources that you may find useful!


Learn the world with these games and activities online!

The School Run

Check out this weblink for free English, Maths and Science worksheets that you can download!

Podcasts for Children

A podcast that answers questions that children might ask!


A bank of free resources to try at home!

Artful Maths

On this page you will find a selection of fully-resourced lessons with a ‘mathematical art’ theme.  The activities in these lessons will help to reinforce many important mathematical skills such as accurate measuring and constructing, visual problem solving and strategic forward planning.   

Engage Literacy

Sign up now to gain free online access to 136 book-banded readers, from the award winning Engage Literacy programme!


Free daily maths and English videos that could support home learning.

Science Toy Maker

Lots of fun and exciting projects that you might find exciting!

Videos links from ETMAS

These videos are aimed at parents of EAL students who are learning from home. The videos are in a number of languages so they are easily accessible for EAL parents or carers.

How EAL Parents Can Support Home Learning – Primary

Twinkl – Handwriting

Twinkl have got a variety of handwriting sheets available for you to have a go at!

One Third Stories

There are free resources on this website that will help you to learn Spanish!

Crick Software

Crick are supplying a multitude of resources for free whilst schools are closed.

EarthDay Earth

Check out this online, interactive STEM program that teaches Earth Science Education and Technology concepts.


Combining strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun, curriculum-aligned literacy game!

Vocabulary Ninja

Vocabulary Ninja’s Word of the Day is now available at the beginning of every week as a fully-loaded, super-charged pack of vocabulary!


Learn about the media and how advertising is used to sell products.

Let’s Go Live – with Maddie & Greg

A brilliant show packed with scientific activities and plenty of fun makes for you to try! Showing today – Best of Brilliant Bodies week!


Attached here are 20 screen-free activities that do not involve the use of the computer.

The Great Science Share

Lots of fun activities to try on this science themed website!

Numbots Game and Worksheets

This link will take you to the Numbots game! The children can login using their TT Rockstars password to access the games and worksheets available!

Home Learning Ideas

Running out of ideas for home learning? Some of the ideas below may be of use to you!

Otherwise Education

Resources on poetry and creative writing, and primary geography are available here.

Learn Braille

Check out this link for simple and fun ways to practice a little bit of basic braille!


Creative computer programming with a variety of activities and games.

Royal Institution

A series of films with ideas for fun, easy and cheap science experiments at home.

National Geographic

Activities and quizzes are available on the link below!


This website has some great resources that you may find useful.

Learning at Home with Minecraft

If you are a Minecraft fan, there are lots of resources on the Microsoft website to keep you entertained! Check out the link below!

Oxford Owl

This website has some fantastic links and resources to further support you at home. You can explore the website by age which is a useful tool to help access appropriate work.

British Red Cross

For Child Safety Week, British red Cross are providing activities for kindness, safety and first aid at home.

Brains On!

This is an award-winning science podcast created entirely for kids!

Making Music Fun

Free online music lesson videos for kids (and adults) from master musicians for a whole range of instruments.


Free games and educational resources from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The activities and interactive resources are a fun way to learn about animal welfare.

Myleene’s Music Klass

Learn music with Myleene Klass and her daughters!

Oliver Jeffers

Best-selling author Oliver Jeffers is reading one of his books live on Instagram every day and talking about how he wrote them.Videos of previously read stories are on his website.

TES Resources

The TES are supplying some free resources to support children in their home learning.

Primary Shakespeare Company

There is a 6 week unit based on the Tempest available here. You will need to sign up for free to access the resources.

Sun Halo

Mrs Allcock took this photo of Sun Halo phenomena…click on the links below to research more about the sun halo.

History Storytime podcast – for kids!

This podcast selection includes content that supports Key Stage 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum. The podcasts relate to different periods in history. Just scroll through and pick one that interests you!


There is a wide variety of free workbooks for primary aged children.

Classroom Secrets

A range of free resources for primary school aged children.


BrainPOP is here to help you and your curious learners stay informed and on-track with free access during school closures.

Learning Resources

Potential Plus UK have provided a variety of resources to help support home learning.

Home Learning Challenges

Check out these challenges and see how many you can complete!

Food Technology

Create these smiley face biscuits using this simple recipe! Send Mr Parkinson the results of your creations

Nature Quiz

Complete online or print the sheets out and use this as a quiz at home! Test your knowledge or nature and see what you discover!

Learn about magnets!

This activity provides a fun way to explore magnetism. It involves the simple task of using a magnet to guide a coin through a maze drawn on the side of a plastic bottle. There are plenty of opportunities to think and talk about how magnetism works, and why magnets only attract certain materials.

Daniel Radcliffe reads Harry Potter!

Harry Potter fans – the wizard himself reads the story he starred in!

Comprehensive Resource List!

This document contains a list of many online resources/videos/lessons that could be useful for you at home. Many of them have been listed already, but having them in one place, with hyperlinks for the web addresses, could make it easier for you.

Many thanks to The Little Bargain Hunter https://www.thelittlebargainhunter.co.uk

Clickview – website resources

During the current crisis, Clickview are making some of their most popular teaching videos available for free. Follow the link below for more information.

National Literacy Trust

Are your little ones missing their grandparents? Visit the Family Zone on the National Literacy Trust website to find some great activities to try at home. Click on the image below for a PDF document with 5 activities for the children to try.

NRICH – Online Maths Resources

This website has a wide variety of maths games and related activities that can be used in the home.

Access to WSCC Library Resources

Although library buildings are closed, there are still lots of services you can access whilst you’re at home.

British Red Cross

A set of free and engaging online resources for children and young people to do at home during the coronavirus lockdown which explore and promote the value of kindness. To support you during this crisis they will be regularly publishing new resources for teachers, parents or learners themselves.  

The Primary Hub

We use the ‘Morning Challenge’ from this website at school, but there are a range of different activities for the children to choose from throughout the website.

WSCC Guidance for Home Learning

Below is a document with some suggestions that may be useful when selecting activities and working from home.

Enrichment Activities

Click the document below to check out a range of activities that are available on various websites including The Globe Theatre and the Natural History Museum.

RAF Online Resources

Take flight and reach new heights with our fun and creative online resources! These resources are free to download for schools and families to utilise at school or home and support further learning. 

Activities and Worksheets

Make, bake and create with us by trying out our family-friendly activities. These hands-on sessions are all easily facilitated with everyday items that you find in your home. Each activity has relevant curriculum links for various school subjects, and has downloadable instructions and templates. 

BBC Website – New Resources

The BBC now offer daily programmes to help parents and children with schoolwork at home during the lockdown.

There are going to be videos, quizzes, podcasts and articles that will appear on BBC Bitesize Daily via the BBC iPlayer, red button, BBC Four and BBC Sounds. Children’s lessons will feature presenters including Oti Mabuse, Katie Thistleton and Karim Zeroual. Click the logo below to find out more!

Kitchen Maths!

It would be brilliant to see you have a go at some of these activities! Send some photos to Mr Parkinson to celebrate your achievements!

Toy Theater

This website has some useful resources to help with the teaching of maths. There are also ideas for teaching art, reading and music using interactive tools.

Supporting Reading at Home

The Open University have provided the following website which has some ideas and activities to help support the development of reading at home.

Little French Club

Every weekday at 2pm there will be a new lesson uploaded to this YouTube page. Be sure to check in and improve your French vocabulary! Click the logo below to take you to the YouTube page.

Talk for Writing

This is a brilliant website that offers a wide variety of resources for the children to be looking at.

Love Reading 4 Kids!

This website has a ‘Kids Zone’ full of books, videos, activities and competitions!

What would you like to be when you grow up?

Have a read through this PowerPoint and have a go at some of the activities that are related to the various different career choices included!

Many thanks to Emily Weston…


The website Twinkl, which we often use for resources in school, has opened a ‘Home Learning Hub’ which will provide fantastic resources. they have created tabs for the different age groups so you can explore each of these different areas. Click on the image below to find out more!

British Red Cross

Use our kindness calendar to help children learn about the importance of being kind to themselves and encourage them to share their kindness with others. They can record daily acts of kindness and review all they have achieved at the end of each week. There are 10 activities to accompany the calendar and children and facilitators can also add their own.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • write or draw what kindness means to them
  • check in on neighbours in a safe way – perhaps, put a note through their door
  • call or write to a relative
  • draw a rainbow and put it in your window to show hope
  • write down three things they are grateful for
  • do something helpful for a friend or family member – help lay the table or could they keep their bedroom tidy?
  • stay at home – by following this advice you are being kind to others in the community and helping to save lives.

Online Resources from the DfE

Click on the link below for a list of resources, divided by subject. Many of these are already linked on our website, but others are not.

Food – A Fact of Life!

A great resource to teach children about the importance of food and where it comes from! A wide range of activities for a wide range of ages!

Science Fun for Everyone

This website includes some great activities for the children to try at home, including science experiments they can be creative with!

Educational links, including a variety for EAL Learners

This document has a wide variety of links that can help children of all ages.

Marwell Educational Activities

The Marwell Education Team has put together a wide range of free resources for students of all abilities, covering EYFS to Post 16.

MyMaths – Extra Guidance

Online Maths Resources and Games!

The TopMarks website has a wide variety of maths games and activities. There are activities ranging from ages 3-14 so if there are older or younger siblings this could prove useful.


We have a subscription to Linguascope where the children can practice all sorts of languages at home through fun games!

The Maths Factor

We will be making The Maths Factor FREE for everyone (usually about £2 per week) to support childrens’ continued learning at home for the duration of the UK Schools closure period. We want to help you and your child as much as we can.

Send a Message to the Elderly

Guild care are asking if children would like to send a message to the elderly people in their care homes whose visitors are very restricted now.

They have suggested the following activities:

  • Draw a picture or create a piece of artwork
  • Write a letter – a bit like the postcards of kindness we have done!
  • Make something – but you need to be able to send it!
  • Do a video dance, or sing a song!

If your children choose to complete one of these items please email or post them to Guild Care so that they can share them with not only their residents but also with anyone they visit as part of their homecare service. The address is:

Guild Care Centre, Methold House, North Street, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1DU

Guild Care are also encouraging families to visit their shops where they will be giving away a free toy, jigsaw puzzle or DVD to keep the children entertained.


Become a Pen Pal!

Write a Day by Day Diary

We are living at a time that will be talked about for many years to come. Why not keep a diary that details what you have experienced? These are historical events we are witnessing so will be first hand experiences for future generations.

Extended Project

The children might like to undertake an extended project. They could choose a topic they are interested in, research it using the internet and books and create a project! This could include writing, pictures/drawings, powerpoint, video presentation – however they want to present their information!

They could also:

·         invent a new game/sport activity, 

·         write a song/poem, 

·         produce a piece of art – drawing, sculpting, textile,

·         conduct a science investigation

Phonics Play

This website is going to remain free whilst the schools are shut – follow this link below:

BBC Bitesize – Key Stage 2

This website offers a variety of resources for the children. We often use some of the links in school so the children will be familiar with the format of the website. It is very informative, and some of the activities have appropriate games to finish on too! Click on the image below to find out more!

Reading Activities

Below is a selection of different activities that will help children with the comprehension elements of the books they are reading.

Chicken House – Create a Story!

We have an EGG-CITING creative writing challenge here for you and your students! Are you ready to Create a Story?

Maz Evans and her author friends – Holly Rivers, Emma Shevah and Christopher Edge – want to inspire children to hatch their own creative stories.

On this page you’ll find a fun, must-watch video featuring these talented authors, as well as some resources to help run the activity in the classroom, an assembly, a library group or a book club. Here’s to inspiring the next generation of writers!