Please note that school is only open for those children of essential workers, vulnerable pupils and children in Year 6. Please see the post below for details about children in Year 6 returning to school. The Home Learning menu, including weekly year group specific tasks, is being updated on a daily basis…see the individual pages for more information.

Year 3

Swara has been busy completing puzzles and various pieces of art!

Lola and Scarlett have sent a letter to the Prime Minister, completed art work and have been taking care of their pony Poppy.

Freya has been recreating her own Picasso portrait, using water colours, carrying out lots of baking, weighing and measuring the ingredients herself! She has also been writing stories on the computer!

Piper has been completing work from her topic “Grow, grow, grow”. She had to plant something in an unusual container and was inspired by a game of tennis. It took her 5 days to grow grass from the seeds! She has also been cycling, reading The Week Junior and she has written words to the music of Aladdin!

Jack has created a menu for his own café. He’s named it ‘Jack’s Burger Buffet’ and he plans to cook some of the items from his menu for his family on Friday!

Chloe has been busy baking and completing art work for the NHS!

Lily has been growing her own plants from seeds, completing her own paintings and has also written letters to local nursing homes.

Charleigh has been looking at Tudors, artwork, TT rockstars, creative writing, as well as new pet tadpoles to explore the life cycle of a frog!