Please note that school is only open for those children of essential workers, vulnerable pupils and children in Year 6. Please see the post below for details about children in Year 6 returning to school. The Home Learning menu, including weekly year group specific tasks, is being updated on a daily basis…see the individual pages for more information.

Year 4

Alfie has created his own piece of writing related to ‘How to NOT go to School…’

Jude has been busy on TT Rockstars, IXL, BBC bitesize and baking cakes! He has written a Julius Caesar biography, and posted rainbows in the post to his grandparents in Hereford. He has been exploring new places, and enjoyed making a Fortnite board game, as well as making elephants from milk cartons & entering a colouring competition!

Rhys researched Ghanaian recipes, wrote his own shopping list and then prepared a meal for the family!

Boyana has been working hard on her homework related to the Romans!

Reece completed this diary entry to talk about a day during lockdown!

Sofia has been walking and found a stream where she explained currents to her brother. She has been doing a variety of Roman work, TTRockstars, MyMaths and also letting her sibling try English on IXL with her help! She has been practising her cornet everyday and even wore her Nautical Training Uniform and saluted on St George’s Day. She’s helped dig up the garden, learnt about germs and also has been cooking her own lunch for picnics! She has recently been learning Spanish too!

Sidney has made a seabird seascape picture, stilts with his dad, chocolate brownies, completed several science experiments, came second in Mrs Morgans-Mills’ photo competition, planted sunflower seeds and made a rainbow picture!

Emily has been creating amazing dishes for the family most Friday evenings since lockdown. This was Mexican night where she made fajitas and nachos. Each week so far she’s made food from a different country! 

Katie has taken part in a challenge with her sister to see how far they could extend off the table using lolly sticks. At the moment Imogen is in the lead with 22cm and Katie’s personal best is 16cm! She has also completed a PowerPoint based on !

Stanley has been busy doing lots of baking, art and English work!

Ashil has been working really hard on his maths and English!

Leo has been busy walking, bike riding, rock pooling, building obstacle courses in the garden, blowing huge bubbles and lots more!

Lilia has been working hard on producing various facts sheets!