Please note that school is only open for those children of essential workers, vulnerable pupils and children in Year 6. Please see the post below for details about children in Year 6 returning to school. The Home Learning menu, including weekly year group specific tasks, is being updated on a daily basis…see the individual pages for more information.

Year 5

James used the white icing to make his mountains ice-capped. This is a part of his geography work this week. 

Aaryan has completed some research into the life cycle of a frog and presented it with pictures.

Liam has told the story of a packet of crisps, including what can happen with the wrapping…

Alfie has been looking at IXL and MyMaths. He also has a science lesson everyday and has studied The Titanic and Life Cycle of a Great White Shark independently. He has also joined in with some activities with his siblings – supporting them all the way! His most recent achievement looks at his research into the Snow Leopard and also the life cycle of plants!

Ollie has been keeping busy with virtual games, a geography trip to the beach to discover strange creatures, baking bread and some Art!

Scarlett and Lola have sent a letter to the Prime Minister, completed art work and have been taking care of their pony Poppy.

Charlie has produced his own version of the Titanic for his homework project! He has also produced some work related to VE Day

Following loads of research, Alfie has produced a PowerPoint all about the Titanic.

Charlotte has completed some geography homework on mountains and a doll warrior outfit with an ice cream weapon – using recycled material!

Mya has completed some art work during lockdown!

Elliott has researched different poems, the life cycle of a mosquito and completed a shading drawing of fruit. He has also created a shape poem!

Dexter is helping on the allotment and then made a cake with the rhubarb he picked!