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Year 4 English – W/B 1st June 2020

Lesson 1

The first lesson this week will focus on Snow White. Read both versions of the story below and make a comparison. If you have access to Disney+ at home you may wish to watch the original film to help with your comparisons! You might like to use the sheet below to record your ideas.

Lesson 2 & 3

For this lesson you will need to create a storyboard of the main events of Snow White using the template provided. Following this, have a go at creating your own ‘baddie’ character

Lesson 4

Using the text today you should look carefully at the language used in both versions and fill out one of the sheets below!

Lesson 5

Today you will be creating an advert, written from the point of view of the Queen, for a bodyguard who takes Snow White into the city and loses her. How would the Queen have described this job? Think about persuasive devices and language in your writing. Why would they want this job? Use the resources below to help you write your advert.