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Year 5 English – W/B 1st June 2020

Lesson 1

This week the focus is instructions. Work your way through the PowerPoint and then see if you can give instructions to someone else on how to draw one of the images provided below.

Lesson 2

Instructions are used in various ways during everyday life. Have a read through these recipes below and complete the questions at the end.

Lesson 3

Today we will be looking at Imperative verbs! There is a link to BBC Bitesize website below, followed by your activity resources. You need to create a set of commands that could instruct someone on how to make a cup of tea – maybe even try out your instructions on someone at home! There is a sheet below that you may find useful.

Lesson 4

You are now going to write your own set of instructions! This can be anything you wish, but you may like to choose something related to a hobby of yours – performing a scooter trick, for example! You may find the link below useful when writing your instructions.

Lesson 5

During this lesson you will be writing instructions on how to trap a dragon! Use the PowerPoint below to start, then use the planning sheet to help you structure your writing. Following this, you can write all of your work up in structured paragraphs if you get time.