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Year 3 English – W/B 1st June 2020

Any resources requiring YouTube will need to be supervised by an adult.

We will be looking at the book Masha and the Firebird this week. If you do not have a copy of the text you will be able to view a YouTube reading of the story here:

Lessons 1, 2 & 3

This week we will be looking at a book called Masha and the Firebird. Your first task is to have a look at the picture on the whiteboard pages and see whether you can create your own presentation page about what you think might be happening. There is an example included but try and think of your own ideas. Following this, see if you can create a group of paragraphs describing the scene in as much detail as possible.

Lesson 4

Today you need to write a conversation between Masha and one of the market traders, using full speech punctuation if you can. The following sheet may be helpful for you.

Now read on until Masha meets the firebird. Can you write a a detailed description of the firebird based on what you can see?

Lesson 5

Today you can finish reading/listening to the story. What did you enjoy/least enjoy about the story? Your task is to write a book review that details your opinions of the story.