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Year 3 Maths – W/B 8th June 2020

Lesson 1

This week we will be looking at symmetry. This game is a nice way to introduce symmetry:

How many of the following activities can you complete? Can you create your own symmetrical pattern?

Lesson 2- Symmetry Art

Have a go at the following activity:

Use your knowledge to create your own symmetrical alien following these steps:

– Take some A3 or A4 paper/coloured card and fold it in half lengthways.

– Draw one half of your alien (half of everything)

– Keep paper folder and carefully cut out their alien (not the folded edge).

– Open your alien up and begin symmetrically decorating.

Lesson 3- 2D Shapes

Open the following MyMaths unit to begin with:

Can you go through the activities discussing language used and how you can identify each shape?

Can you draw or sort 2D shapes based on written descriptions? Use a ruler and sharp pencil to make shapes clearer.

Lower Ability have a sorting activity where they can stick shapes next to the name they think it is.

Middle Ability have a game where they do a similar activity but with greater descriptions.

Higher Ability are asked to draw a shape with given qualities (a pentagon with 2 right angles).

Lesson 4- 3D Shapes

What is a 3D Shape? Go to the following MyMaths unit to begin.

This is fantastic for introducing 3D shapes, naming them and looking at some basic properties.

Can you create your own 3D shapes using nets? There are 5 different nets to choose from.

Lesson 5

Remember to keep practicing your tables using TT Rockstars if you have time! You can also explore any unit on MyMaths that is related to a topic that you find challenging.