A reminder to all of this week’s arrangements. Drop off: Years 4, 5 and 6 8:30-8:45am Year 3 9:00-9:15am Pick up: Year 3 2:30pm Year 4 2:40pm Year 5 2:50pm Year 6 3:00pm

Year 4 Geography – W/B 8th June 2020

Lesson 1

This week you will be able to name and locate the seven continents of the world.

Part 1: Have a chat, can you already name any continents? Do you know any countries that are located within that continent? Work your way through the PowerPoint to find out interesting facts and information about each continent. You may wish to do some extra research and find even more information about each continent.

Part 2: Using the blank template given, can you identify and colour the seven continents of the world. You might want to create a key to help with the labelling. If you really want to show off you could identify and label some of the countries that benefit from Fair Trade?