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Year 5 English – W/B 8th June 2020

Any lessons or resources that require the use of YouTube or other social media platforms should be supervised by an adult.

Lesson 1 & 2 – Continuing with Instructional Writing

Use this time to finish any of the instructional writing you didn’t complete last week. When you have finished you could present one of the sets of instructions in a different way, either digitally or by hand perhaps in a leaflet. Remember the importance of those ‘bossy’ imperative verbs and clear steps to follow.

Lesson 3 Starting Oral Storytelling

Discuss: what do the children understand about oral storytelling? It is one of the most ancient art-forms. Stories have been passed on by word of mouth since long before reading and writing became commonplace.  In the past these stories served as a means of communicating news, teaching moral principles and tribal law, and explaining the origins of Life, the Universe, etc. When we speak of storytelling we are encompassing a vast heritage of lore, myths, epic tales, folk tales, travellers’ tales; tales of the creation of the world, tales of its destruction; sagas of Gods and men; all the great traditional legends from around the world. These stories are not learned by rote or read from books but retold by the tellers, making each interpretation unique.  Storytelling is more than just performance or entertainment; it can also educate and inspire. See if you can share any stories you already know orally.

This link may be useful to explore, and there are videos on YouTube that talk about effective story telling

Lesson 4

Spend this lesson looking at the story mountain resources and think about the structure of a story and why it is so important. Children can then start to consider what genre of story they will be creating and prepare to start planning it next week, maybe imagining who or what their main character will be.

Lesson 5

Grammar and spellings revision. Suffixes and Prefixes sorting and collecting words activities. This links may help or can be explored independently