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Year 3 English – W/B 15th June 2020

We are continuing to read and base our work around the story ‘The Thief the Fool and the Big Fat King’, a fiction story set in the Tudor period which you can listen to by following the videos on Class Dojo. These lessons are carrying on from last week. What can you remember about the story so far?

Lesson 5 – Character Analysis

Listen to Chapter 4 of TFBFK on Dojo. What has happened so far in the story? Can you add any new words and their definitions to your word bank from last week? Your task today is to draw a picture of and then write a character analysis/profile of James. What do we know about James so far? Think about his appearance, his personality, his family, his daily life and key events from the story. Use the text to support and explain your inferences and create descriptive sentences.

Lessons 6 & 7

Reread and recap the story so far. Where is James going and why? Watch the clip ‘The King is Coming’. What ‘Tudor things’ did you notice and how did it made you feel?

Task 1-

Watch the clip again, this time, note down words and phrases for the senses (sight, sound, smell, touch) relating to Tudor times- keep adding to your word bank! Now think about the stages of James meeting King Henry. What happened? For each stage, think about how James would be feeling and what he would see/hear/smell/touch and write these down.

Task 2-

Have a look at the list of stages you came up with for when James met King Henry. Can you now write what happened in descriptive paragraphs? Each stage can start a new paragraph. Try to include exciting adjectives, noun phrases and varied sentence starters (maybe with an adverb- think back to the grammar lesson last week).

Now read chapter 5!

Lesson 8 – Storyboard

Carefully read through chapters 6&7 aloud- Don’t rush this! Think about character voices, expression, intonation and clarity. What are the key points in the story so far? Create a storyboard/story map to show the key points of the story so far. Use pictures, colour and text to show this.


Task 1- Choose an appropriate level and complete the SPAG mat.

Task 2- What is a paragraph? Why do we need to use paragraphs in writing? Have a look at a story book you are currently reading and see how the page is broken up- in paragraphs! Watch the clip and then work through the PowerPoint below which explains the main reasons to start a new paragraph.

 Your task is to make a poster to help you remember the key reasons when to start a new paragraph. Good luck!