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Year 3 Science – W/B 15th June 2020

Lesson 1

We are starting our new Science topic ‘Light’. What is light? Where does light come from? Can you think of different sources of light? Why do we need light?

Watch the video clip weblink. What did the images have in common? You can also watch the BBC clip to further develop your understanding.

Can you produce a mind map to show what you already know about light?

Work through the Light and Dark PowerPoint in the link below- all resources for PowerPoint activities are also in links below.

Lesson 2

How do mirrors work?

Make sure it is nice and light and have a look at yourself in a mirror. Now try this in the dark. What did you notice? What do mirrors need to work?

Did you notice that a mirror is really good at reflecting light? Why do you think this is?

Work through the ‘Marvellous Mirrors’ PowerPoint to find out how mirrors work.

Now have a go at some of the experiments on the ‘Experiments’ PowerPoint. Were you successful?

Can you tackle the activity to rescue Rani? Have a go at the following weblink.