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Year 5 English – W/B 15th June 2020

Any lessons or resources that require the use of YouTube or other social media platforms should be supervised by an adult.

This week you will be continuing to create your story, and by the end of the week hopefully be able to tell it orally.

Lesson 1

Use the character photo prompts to think about WHO will be in your story… who is the main character? Do they have a sidekick? What about a ‘baddie’? Spend some time drawing and labelling your character/s in lots of detail, thinking about how they talk, walk, smell and act around others. What is their purpose in your story?

Lesson 2 & 3 Starting Oral Storytelling

In a similar way to the character work you did yesterday, you can now start to think about WHERE your story will be set and WHAT will happen. There are more pictures to inspire you, or you can just let your own imagination run wild! You may find it helpful to jot all these ideas down, and could even create a simple storyboard ready to help you work on telling your story tomorrow.

Pics for ‘Where’

Pics for ‘What could happen’

Lesson 4

Now for the fun bit… tell your story! Remember to include all of your ideas from the planning stages, and remember the focus this week is telling your story orally rather than writing it down. Work on your delivery and performance, thinking about how to build suspense for your audience and if you have people at home you can tell your story to go for it! Watch the weblink for some inspiration on how to capture your audience using only your voice.

Lesson 5 – Grammar

Use this fun, simple game that requires you to classify different verb forms.

If you have never played Boggle before get ready for the best game ever! The rules are explained on this online version.