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Year 6 Geography – W/B 15th June 2020

Lesson 1 & 2

Use this map of the local area to explore the River Adur and River Arun.

What features do they have in common? They all start at the source which can generally be found in higher land or mountains. Can you find the source for both rivers? The course of the river can be split into three sections – upper, middle and lower course.

Over the next few lessons we will study each course and explore some of the features that form at the different parts of the river.

This week, it’s the upper course. One very exciting feature of the upper course is waterfalls (however the world’s most impressive waterfalls have actually formed in the lower course!)

How do you think waterfalls form? Use these links to find out!

Using the waterfall photo in the middle of a page, write around the edge what you have found out about the upper course of the river focusing on source and waterfalls.

Use this PowerPoint and these information sheets to help you:

Create your own annotated diagram showing the formation of a waterfall.

Use these information sheets to help you:

Look at the uses of rivers. Try and remember 3 uses of the river from this clip:

Extension Activity

Can you name any famous waterfalls? See if you can find out more about one of these famous waterfalls and present it in any way you wish.