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Year 3 DT – W/B 22nd June 2020

Lesson 1

Over the next few weeks, we will be designing and making our very own Pugglie. What is a Pugglie? Have a look through the power point to get a better idea.

Why do you think these products might be so popular? Why would designers make deliberately ugly dolls or monsters creatures? Does it question our values about what is beautiful in today’s society?

Have a look at the sheet of images and the different types of Pugglies to inspire you. What do you like about them? What do you dislike about them? Which is your favourite and why?

Task 1

Your task this week is to design your very own Pugglie. Using an A4 page, divide it into 4 sections. Have a go at designing 4 different Pugglies- you may wish to design a family of them. Think about their colour, shape, accessories, hair and who your target audience is (who it will be made for- what age/gender). Make sure you annotate your 4 designs.

Task 2

Use the template below to draw your final Pugglie design. You may choose a favourite from your 4 designs or you might want to choose your favourite parts from each design to create a new Pugglie. This will be your final design!