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Year 3 Science – W/B 22nd June 2020

We are continuing to look at LIGHT this week.

Lesson 3

What is reflection? Do all objects reflect light the same? Which materials/objects do you think reflect light the best? How would you describe these? Follow the PowerPoint and investigate for yourself!

Challenge – Can you tackle the three levels of identifying light sources as opposed to shiny objects?

Lesson 4

What is a shadow? How are shadows formed? How does light travel? Can light bend? What happens when light is blocked? Have a go!

Task 1

Can you find out what the following three scientific words mean?




Create a poster to show what these key words mean and give examples of each.

Task 2

For this task you will need a torch. You are to explore how shadows change in size and shape as you move various objects towards and away from the light source. You need to plan your investigation carefully and think about …

What equipment will you need? What will you keep the same to make it a fair test? What will you change? What will you measure? What is your prediction? (what do you think will happen?) How will you record your results?

Choose a template to use to plan and carry out your investigation. Good luck!

Once you have completed your investigation, try to complete the following sentences.

The nearer the object is to the light source, the …………………… the shadow.

The higher the light source, the ………………………… the shadow.