A reminder to all of this week’s arrangements. Drop off: All Year Groups 8:30-8:45am Pick up: Year 3 2:30pm Year 4 2:40pm Year 5 2:50pm Year 6 3:00pm

Year 6 Geography – W/B 22nd June 2020

Lesson 3

Look at the EastEnders picture.

What geographical feature can you see? What is the name of this river? The shape suggests it is in the middle course. Why?

Watch clip:

What is a meander? How does it form? Look at the PowerPoint:

Watch these clips:

Watch animation about meanders and ox bow lakes:

Create a page about the ‘Features of the Middle Course’ using the topic vocabulary to write simple sentences. Explain how the land flattens, the course changes and how features change too. Add a diagram with labels of a meander and an oxbow lake using the information gained from the range of information sheets.

Use Google Maps to find any rivers with meanders

If we looked at a map of Mount Everest would we see any meanders? Why? Why not?