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Year 6 Orang-utan Discovery – W/B 22nd June 2020

Any lessons or resources that require the use of YouTube or other social media platforms should be supervised by an adult.


Over the next two days you are going to discover lots of information about Orang-utans and become much more knowledgeable about this rainforest animal.  You will need to be enthusiastic, curious and interested in what you are seeing, as well as asking lots of questions and making lots of observations!

Try this quiz to see how much you know already.

Look through the Orangutan Intro and Images PowerPoints. How do they make you feel?

Where do the maps indicate Orang-utans live? Can you name the continent? What can you see in the pictures? Which is your favourite and why? Can you find any information in the pictures? Do any of the photos make you want to ask a question to find out more? What words would you use to describe the images/behaviour you can see?

Find out about the girl in the pictures online here:

Now look through this PowerPoint. What can you see? How do the images make you feel?

Watch the clips:

Read through the Fun Facts and Not So Fun Facts. 

You are going to produce a piece of writing to raise awareness of Orangutans. You can choose to produce:

  • An information text about Orangutans, their habitat, behaviour, diet, physical features.
  • A piece about the threats that orang-utans face in the wild, to include deforestation, poaching, palm oil, illegal pet trade.
  • A piece of writing that encompasses information about both threats and behaviour.

In addition to your writing, you might like to produce a poster communicating the key information you have learned.

Gather some ideas and inspiration from this poster design:

Mrs Jones’ Top Tip: You should spend the first day reading the information and making notes about the areas you want to focus on. Write in note form so that when you write up in sentences it will be in your own words.

Use these information sheets and websites to help you:

Websites for Research

The second day should be spent presenting your writing. You might like to use one of the templates available, or you can produce your own template. You can illustrate your own work or use pictures from the internet.

You might like to follow these two drawing tutorials

Remember to share your finished work with your class teacher.