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Year 6 PSHCE – W/B 22nd June 2020

Lesson 1

This week, you will be exploring the word ‘humanity’ and thinking about what it means. You will be considering what is meant by the idea of ‘shared humanity’. You will be introduced to the idea of helping yourselves and helping others.

The word and idea of ‘humanity’ is central to understanding the work of the Red Cross as a humanitarian organisation.

What makes us human? Watch this clip of an Introduction to Humanity:

Look at the Images for Discussion showing young people from other parts of the world and try and think of things that you have in common with the children in the image (a shared humanity). You can write your ideas inside the person outline on your paper. If you identify things that are different (diversity in humanity) then you can place these around the outside of the person shape. If you need a little support to help you explore the images then use the set of four ‘shared humanity cards’ to prompt your thinking.