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Year 6 RE – W/B 22nd June 2020

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Lesson 2

This is your second week of watching the film and completing the written task. Ensure you have watched ‘Life of Buddha’ about The Life of Siddartha Gottama and his search for a state of perfect peace – Nirvana. Note: there is a black pause for a number of seconds at the start of the film, so don’t panic! The film lasts for around 20 minutes.

Why do you think the king wanted his son to rule when he grew up? Were the King’s actions fair? 

Have you completed the written task yet? Fill in notes on the sheet and match the pictures to the words. There are a variety of differentiated versions so choose which is most suitable for you.

Do you think parents and carers can decide what their children should do and be like when they grow up?                

What would you miss the most if you had to give up your possessions?

Extension Activity