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Year 3 Science – W/B 29th June 2020

We are continuing to look at LIGHT this week.

Lesson 5 – The Sun

This is our final lesson as part of our ‘Light’ topic.

What do you know about the Sun? What is the Sun’s job? What does the Sun provide? What is dangerous about the Sun? Why do plants need Sunlight? Have a look at the website below. Have fun flying to Earth without crashing into meteorites! Then click on the Sun and follow the animations, reading the information carefully. Did you notice how the Earth moves around the Sun and the fact that the Sun does not move? The Earth turns on its axis once in 24 hours.

Read through the ‘Sun information’ sheet below. Then follow through the PowerPoint about Sun safety.  There is a fun super hero game and then look at UV light. Complete the activities on the PowerPoint.

What have you learnt about the Sun?