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Year 3 DT – W/B 29th June 2020

Lesson 2

Look back at your designs from last week. What do you like about them? What do you dislike about them? Is there anything you want to change? Now is your chance!

Have a look at the available pattern shapes below to choose your Pugglie’s shape. Complete the design sheet below.

Can you label your design using vocabulary from the sewing techniques lessons as well as pointing out features? You may want to watch the sewing videos below to remind yourself of the sewing techniques we have learnt.

Making your Pugglie

Making your Pugglie will take a while, so take your time and use the next few weeks to complete it.

To make your Pugglie, you will need…

-Coloured felt of your choice (or an old sock/t-shirt if you haven’t got any felt)

-Sharp scissors

-Coloured thread of your choice

-Sewing needle


-Any accessories (sequins/buttons)

Use the pattern shapes (these can be printed from the document below) and trace over them on the felt twice (front and back), using pen, to prepare their shape. The side with pen on will become the inside of your Pugglie.

Once you have the front and back of your Pugglie cut out, look back at your final design and think about what features you will need to sew on first. You may also wish to sew a tail on the back piece. Whatever you do, don’t sew the front and back together! Not yet anyway.

Once you have sewn on all your details, you are ready to sew the edges of your Pugglie together. Blanket stitch is the best stitch for this. Remember to tie off your thread properly so all your stitching doesn’t come undone. Keep sewing round the shape of your Pugglie until you have a couple of inches left. You then need to stuff your Pugglie. Use a pencil to make sure there is enough stuffing in his hands and feet. Once he/she if fully stuffed, sew up the last bit of your Pugglie.

How did you find it?

What are you pleased with?

What didn’t go so well?

What went well?

What would you do differently if you made it again?

Once you have finished your Pugglie, complete the evaluation sheet.