A reminder to all of this week’s arrangements. Drop off: All Year Groups 8:30-8:45am Pick up: Year 3 2:30pm Year 4 2:40pm Year 5 2:50pm Year 6 3:00pm

Year 4 Science – W/B 29th June 2020

Any lessons or resources that require the use of YouTube should be supervised by an adult.

Lesson 4

Have a think – Does an animals habitat change? Think about how it might change? Are these changes natural changes or are they human changes? What’s the difference?

Look through the PowerPoint attached – Your task will be to choose an endangered animal of your choice and then create a campaign raising awareness of the troubles they face and what we can do to help them. This may be through a poster, a presentation or even an information brochure – The choice is yours! Remember, hard hitting facts are often the best way to grab people’s attention so the more research you do the better.