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Year 5 Maths – W/B 29th June 2020

Lesson 1 & 2

These links will support these lessons:

These lessons involve learning about volume and how to calculate it.

There is a range of activities; I would recommend choosing based on your understanding and confidence. Remember Length x Width x Height – use column multiplication if needed and always double check!

Lesson 3 & 4

This link will support these lessons:

Using the nets provided we would like you to create your own cuboids and measure the volume.

Remember to cut and stick carefully to ensure your cuboids come out neatly! When measuring, stick to rounding to the nearest CM and don’t forget Length x Width x Height. You can do it!

Lesson 5

Spend this lesson improving your speed on TT Rockstars. Work in Studio so that you can improve your average speed per question answer. You can also explore MyMaths, focusing on any unit of maths that you have struggled with.