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Year 6 Art – W/B 29th June 2020

Lesson 3

Revisit the step by step instructions of how to draw a gargoyle.

Adapt the step by step by adding in your own ideas. You will need to produce a detailed drawing of your gargoyle that you will then produce a 3D model of.

Look at the PowerPoint about clay and sculpture:

Mrs Nicholl’s Top Tip: Look at the designs and think about how you can transform your design into 3D. Which features need to be done first, and how could you simplify a design? Which parts need to be cut/rolled? How can you ‘attach’ parts? You will need to form different shapes for the mouth, nose and eyes and attach them carefully.

Divide a page into 6 sections to plan out the stages.

At school we will be creating a 3D gargoyle using clay, but if you don’t have clay at home don’t worry. You could try one of these options instead:

Extension Activity

Can you incorporate special features significant to our school? Design a gargoyle we could use for our school entrance.

Don’t forget to share your finished piece with your teacher!