A reminder to all of this week’s arrangements. Drop off: All Year Groups 8:30-8:45am Pick up: Year 3 2:30pm Year 4 2:40pm Year 5 2:50pm Year 6 3:00pm

Year 6 Geography – W/B 29th June 2020

Lesson 4

Over the next two weeks you will be looking at the flooding in Bangladesh.

Look at the geography of Bangladesh using this weblink:

Can you identify any rivers and names on this map? What colour are they on a map? In which bay do the rivers end? What does the ‘Mouths of the Ganges’ mean? Most rivers meet the sea in the lower course and this point is called the mouth.

Take a look at this link too:

Write a brief description of what a river mouth is. Write as many Bangladeshi rivers around the Map of Bangladesh as you can. Check that you are writing river names and not towns.

Where in the world is Bangladesh? Can you locate Bangladesh independently?

Can you describe its location? Bangladesh is prone to flooding and regularly suffers devastating floods. Why is this?

Look at the following: