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Year 3 Geography – W/B 6th July 2020

We are learning about different energy sources.

Lesson 1

What is renewable energy? What is non-renewable energy? How do we get energy for electricity?

Some non-renewable energy types are coal and oil. Some renewable energy types are solar, wind and hydro. Which type of energy source do you think is better for the environment and why?

Go through the PowerPoint below and follow the video links. Then look through the ‘Renewable and Non-renewable energy pages’ below. Do you have a better understanding of what renewable energy and non-renewable energy is?

Watch the following clip:

It gives a brief bit of information about 3 renewable energy types and how they work. Can you think of an advantage and potential disadvantage for these three?

Your task is to define the key terms renewable and non-renewable energy. Try to write about the advantages and disadvantages of each energy source (sheet available for the LA to complete). Present your work creatively.

Lesson 2

Today we will be looking at wind energy and solar energy. There are lots of clips to watch today so I hope you are ready to watch and listen carefully!

What types of energy sources are these? What do you already know about wind and solar energy? Have they seen it in use before? Did you know that calculators use solar energy? Have you seen the wind farms in the sea? Does anyone have solar panels on their roof at home?

Wind Energy

Watch the clip:

This introduces wind energy. Can you explain how wind turbines work? Why must we be careful where they are situated? What may happen if there is not as much wind? Are there any alternatives? Have you seen the wind farms offshore? What does offshore mean?

Look at the website:

Read about the advantages and disadvantages of wind turbines. What is wrong with wind turbines? Will they be as effective at sea?

Watch the next clip. It gives information about solar energy. What is good/bad about it?   

Solar Energy

Watch the following clip. It gives information about solar energy. What is good/bad about it?   

Your task

Can you draw diagrams to show how each of these energy sources works and add a detailed description including the pros and cons of each one? Present your work creatively!